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"Eve is very comfortable and engaging with clients and has a broad and deep knowledge of art history and commerce in the art world. She takes initiative, is tireless in her work, and has a keen sense of aesthetics. I would recommend her, without reservation, for any employment that requires intelligence, an energetic attitude, a hard work ethic, and attention to detail; all while keeping her eye on the big picture. She is a true visionary."

-Nika Nesgoda, Artist and Collector Curated her Virgin exhibition

“Eve Gianni Corio is a highly creative and fiercely driven design professional. Her unique sense of style, high-end fashion background and world travels have refined her keen eye with unexpected brilliance. While she tackles every project with grand broad strokes and rigor, she has a penchant for perfecting the smallest details which are usually the most exciting twist…”

- Lee M. Cavanaugh Colleague, Design Partner at Cullman & Kravis

“As first time home buyers, my wife and I moved into a house with little to no furniture and no experience picking out furniture, carpets, paint color or window treatments. Eve to the rescue! Eve helped us furnish many rooms, was very professional, always on time and stuck within our budget. To this day, 8 years later, we continue to love everything that she did for us! We highly recommend her services. Thanks Eve!

- Zach Chaikin, Interior Design Client, Westbury

"Designing a new house can be overwhelming - and I could not imagine doing it without Eve's patience and vision. Her taste and sense of style is exquisite, but she also was great at communicating with my wife and me to help us define our style...and her ability to curate unique and interesting design elements and furnishings is amazing."

- Ross Lipson - Interior Design Client, East Hampton 

“Eve is talented of course, but just as important is her friendly, easygoing personality and her ability to listen to the clients needs and preferences, while guiding them to go a bit beyond.  I worked with Eve many years ago as she was transitioning out of fashion and into interior design.  She helped me tie together my new home, incorporating furniture and accessories already cherished, while integrating new pieces, making it fresh.   She helped me to hang my artwork at the right height, in the right place, and in the right frame.  This takes a very good sense of color, style, and proportion, in which Eve excels.  She had vast resources and boundless energy to find the best options in my price range.  I would highly recommend Eve for any creative endeavor.”

- Wendy G. Chaikin, Westhampton