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Interior decor solutions for 2021

May 31, 2022


When the New Year comes around, there’s often a desire to start fresh. Whether this is done through self-improvement resolutions, or by reimagining your living space, you should try to begin the New Year by prioritizing yourself and creating positive changes.

Last year was tough. We’ve all been through a lot, and refreshing your home can go a long way toward encouraging a new, positive attitude to enhance your wellness. Let Eve Gianni Art + Interiors, help with a few suggestions to freshen up your home for 2021.

Keep reading to get the top 6 trends from an interior decorator that are perfect for your home.

Contrast is chic...again.

Whether it is old/new or dark/light, contrast is returning as a strong home decor trend for 2021. Integrating timeless home furnishings with modern shapes and contemporary accessories is all the rage these days.

While the Grandmillennial style might seem like a dramatic shift, incorporating subtle hints of nostalgia can offer an opportunity to enjoy your family heirlooms without completely redesigning your home.

If that’s not your thing, there is also a strong 80’s inspiration that’s totally all about contrasting elements. Black and white looks fresh again, whether with furniture, accessories, or just pillows and throws. Pairing this look with high gloss or lacquer, geometric patterns, and a pop of bright color will like, instantly update your home.

Reimagine that unused room

Spending more time at home means it’s time to reimagine your unused spaces.

Yes, that living room looks just lovely but let’s face it, no one uses it. And the formal dining room? Well, it’s time to admit that it’s just collecting dust while you have yet another meal at the kitchen table.

Adding slip covers to the living room couches, or the dining room chairs, or layering a rug on top of that fine carpet (so it is protected), will allow you to actually begin to enjoy all your rooms.

Add a few games, maybe a new chess board, poker chips, or backgammon on the coffee table and suddenly there is a reason to be in that room.

Fiber Art

Whimsical, colorful or fiber art pieces are another way to transform the space from serious to relaxed or maybe just change that heavy dark frame that feels so formal.

Stop saving these spaces for the company, they should really be staying outside these days.

Replacing your ceramic lamps with gorgeous glass or leather ones, or trading those tired dark wood end tables for lucite ones (like this one we shared on our Instagram page) will add hints of glamour that will elevate your entire space and make you feel a bit more fabulous.

Natural Elements

Nature is a calming element that promotes mental wellbeing. With so much time being spent indoors, now is a wonderful time to incorporate some outdoor materials into your home.

Layering natural accents into your home can help create a more textural and relaxing environment. Organic fibers, jute, cane, leathers, rattan, and sisals added to your space will enhance and update the look.

Woven wood window shades or linen draperies are another great was to integrate this trend into your home and can easily work with almost any decor.

If 2020 taught us one thing it’s that it’s important that your home makes you feel good. The good new is you can create a luxurious living space without spending a lot - luxury can be in the details.

Fur pillows, cashmere throw blankets, and plush area rugs can make your space feel decadent. Replacing your ceramic lamps with gorgeous glass or leather ones, or trading those tired dark wood end tables for lucite ones will add hints of glamour that will elevate your entire space and make you feel a bit more fabulous. Go ahead, now is the time to spoil yourself!

Make your open floor plan more intimate

While open floor plans have become increasingly popular over the years, they are not conducive to sharing space while trying to work from home or having children online for school.

You can close a floor plan without an expensive renovation by installing barn doors, interior drapes, or placing bookshelves in areas that need to be closed off. Rearranging your furniture and adding pieces to create more intimate seating areas can also make a large space feel more private. Here's an example on our Instagram page that uses a large rounded mirror.

Color is another powerful tool and painting an accent wall can visually define these privacy-zoned areas within your great room. Dividers of all kinds offer an opportunity to feel as though you’re in a different space - even while you’re all still in the same room!

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